This is the first of five questions to which responses will be posted here.

Q. What do you see as the most important responsibilities of the ACRL president? What strengths and experiences do you bring to the position? How will you assess your effectiveness?

A. The ACRL President is, in many ways, the face of the Association, representing the members in different forums. And it is the role of the president to provide the leadership that will help keep the organization on track with its mission. As a member organization it is important that the president listen to the associations’ members to learn about the important issues facing the profession and, working with the board, the staff, and the members, develop the means to address these issues. ACRL is also an organization with a vision and the plan for excellence defines its goals. The president is responsible for helping to achieve the goals.

Being president of the association isn’t that dissimilar from being a manager or leader in my home institution, as I have been for a number of years. I believe I have the qualities of sincerity, integrity, courtesy, and charity – a few of the qualities I believe help to make one successful. I think both my opponent and I have experience as leaders at various levels: I currently oversee the work of a fairly large staff, in the same role I just described for the president: keeping our work towards the organization’s goals on track. I have also been president of the NJ Chapter of ACRL and currently sit on the board of NJLA. This experience with leadership at the functional level and also within associations, have provided me with the skills necessary to assume the role I’m seeking.

My effectiveness will be assessed by how well we can achieve the goals. However, more importantly, the members will assess my effectiveness. I will want to hear from you when you think I am off course so that the course can be corrected. I’m never afraid of receiving constructive feedback, and will welcome it.