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Q. At the end of your presidency, what one accomplishment would you most like to see realized?

A. I have always been impressed with the ways in which ACRL takes a critical look at the association and will make changes to the organizational structure as needed to help achieve the goals of the strategic plan. Debbie is right in noting that the work of any president should build on that of those who came before. If elected, one of the organizational areas on which I’d like to focus is on the relationship between ACRL and the chapters. As a former chapter president I know from personal experience the value of the relationship between the local chapters and the national association. I believe this relationship could be strengthened through increased collaboration.

We just spent some time discussing how ACRL and the president can help libraries and librarians demonstrate our value, and the types of metrics will help in this endeavor. What better way to ensure this happens than by getting the local chapter members involved.

Our member leaders at the local level are well positioned to speak with local stakeholders and promote the value of libraries. Based on the successful ACRL Legislative Advocates model, I believe we can develop a cadre of experts, through the chapters, to provide assistance in developing the appropriate metrics – and the necessary professional development opportunities that will show how libraries contribute to the overall success of our institutions.