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If you took part in the online candidates forum on March 8 it is clear that, by participating, you have a vested interest in ACRL and are willing to take the time to find out more about the candidates who want to lead the association.

We had an opportunity during the forum to discuss some of the many issues we face in the academic library. Among them are:

  • Flat or decreasing resources – both human and financial;
  • Our patrons’ desire for increased mobile services; and
  • Increased interdisciplinary curricula and the impact on the library collections and services

I’ve said before that ACRL has a rich tradition of working with libraries and librarians to help us address these issues with the goal of enabling us to provide assistance to our students, faculty members and researchers. ACRL has also been an advocate for libraries and sees libraries as a vital part of the academic enterprise.

I share ACRL’s vision and want to do my part in helping the association help you. I will bring to the position of vice president/president-elect the qualities that I hope you seek in a leader, among them: knowledge, integrity, and humility. I also bring years of leadership experience from within the association, within my place of employment, and within other organizations such as the NJ Chapter of ACRL and the New Jersey Library Association.

I hope that, by visiting my website and reading more about how I hope to contribute to the association  you are now informed enough to support my effort to continue that rich ACRL tradition about which I spoke.   I hope I can count on you and I thank you, in advance, for your support.