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The first of my C&RL News columns is now available.  It begins…

In this column, the first of my presidential year, I will highlight one of the areas on which I plan to focus this year and hope you will agree that it is an important topic for ACRL, libraries, and librarians.

There has been great emphasis placed in the past several years on the cost—and value—of higher education. In addition to the focus on the cost of textbooks and other nontuition expenses, lawmakers have also focused on the dramatic rise in student loan debt,1 especially as student loan debt, in 2010, surpassed credit card debt in the United States.2

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 included several requirements for colleges and universities. Among these was the mandate to have a “net price calculator” to help students determine the actual cost of college. Colleges were also required to provide reading lists of required texts in advance of classes to provide students the opportunity to shop for competitive prices.3

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