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Today, the world watches another event described as “unprecedented.” We watched as donald trump supporters “entered the [U.S.] Capitol building and engaged with riot police as Congress held a joint session to count the Electoral College votes.” There is so much to unpack in both the action and the way in which the action is described. I will, however, keep this post short; afterall, there is nothing really new here. Maybe I’ll just even add a few bullet points. No need to elaborate.

  • Although some reporters are beginning to use the term “rioters” most continue to use the word “protesters.”
  • How would this even be described if this were a Black Lives Matter protest? Would we have “entered the Capitol,” or “breached the Capitol” (as today’s event is being described?)
  • Would the event go on for HOURS before there is a significant police presence if these were other than trump supporters?
  • How many black and brown people would have already been killed by law enforcement by now?
  • Where is the “leader” of these protesters? He comes out with some statement about how “he loves [them].”
  • Why have there been no arrests? The terrorists have been acting for hours at the time of this writing.

This is indeed another sad day for America. We tout ourselves as the model of democracy and we would be so extremely critical of activities like this if they were happening in a “third world,” or “developing” country. I guess we can now be relegated to that status? I am just in shock!