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I had intentionally not written about the incident of alleged Asian hatred in Atlanta this week because there are still questions about whether this was actually a hate crime. But I could stay silent no more. Alas, it doesn’t matter whether these particular incidents were hate crimes or not. Anti-Asian hate crimes in this country have risen, especially since the declaration of the current COVID-19 pandemic and some people (including the occupant of the White House prior to January 20, 2021) attributing the origin of the virus to people from Asian countries. Various news sources (such as this NBC News report) have reported a significant increase in anti-Asian hate crimes since the start of the pandemic. And we hear the same rhetoric from our leaders: “This type of hatred has no place in our society….” While absolutely true, this type of hatred is merely another expression of hatred that people from the non-majority culture experience routinely. This IS the country that many of us see and live in. These acts of hatred MUST STOP! The people who commit these acts MUST BE PROSECUTED! And we must remain vigilant. There are many ways to help our Asian American and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters. Learn about one such resource here. #stopasianhate