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Everyone is undoubtedly aware that the trial of Derek Chauvin, accused of killing George Floyd, has begun. If you were not aware, then try Google. Of course, for me, the testimony is not at all interesting. The prosecution is making an attempt to show Mr. Floyd as a flawed, but decent human being (like we all are), and just how relatively happy he was just moments before he was killed. Of course, they had to bring up his drug use (the defense certainly would have if the prosecution didn’t – and they still will). But this brief blog post is not so much about the details of the trial, but about my skepticism about the American Justice System and me already wondering about the outcome of trial, even though all the evidence and testimony has not yet been presented.

It has been reported that half of the jury is non-white because this will allegedly do what? Lead to a hung jury? But I’m jumping ahead to speculate about what may or may not happen.

There is one thing I have found to be particularly striking in the opening remarks of the defense. They claimed that the large crowds and video recording, etc. was distracting the police from doing their jobs, and, as a result they couldn’t pay attention to the man they were killing. AND, of course, Mr. Floyd was a substance abuser, which really caused his death. This information comes directly from the playbook of “let’s demonize the victim,” so we can say that he (or she, or they) deserved to die because presumably it was just a matter of time before they did something even more egregious. We’ve seen this tactic over and over again, haven’t we? I continue to pray that I never get stopped (again) or, heaven forbid, killed by the police. They will surely talk about that pen I took home from the office when I was an employee at a department store office when I was a teenager. Maybe I should send a box of pens to the department store now as restitution?

But you know what might actually be a good form of restitution? A good courtroom re-enactment. I’m not a court-tv fan, but I do watch a lot of legal dramas.đŸ˜› I haven’t seen a good re-enactment in a long time. I’d definitely watch this one. If, as the defense claims, Mr Floyd died not from the knee in his neck, but rather from the drugs in his system, I say, let’s have Chauvin lay on the floor in the courthouse with a similar level of distractions (we know the case is being recorded and live streamed) and have someone put their knee on his neck for 9+ minutes and see if he will still be alive. If he is, then maybe, just maybe I will believe that Chauvin didn’t kill Mr. Floyd. If the prosecution has not yet thought of this idea, you can have it – NO CHARGE!