Today I take a break from the normal professional-related posts to post something personal.

Last week many of us were fortunate enough to be able to spend Thanksgiving with our family and friends. I certainly am one of those among the fortunate. That fact notwithstanding, Misha and I still need your help. It is wonderful that Misha remains at home and that we were able to spend Thanksgiving together. However, he is home because the insurance company – Aetna – refuses to provide coverage for his necessary additional stay at a rehabilitation facility. Aetna also does not provide coverage for the home care attendant who is helping Misha with his activities of daily living, the cost of which exceeds TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS monthly. Yes, the cost for a home care attendant exceeds $12,000 MONTHLY! It is because of your generosity that we have been able to make these payments so far and we are so thankful for your support. Today, on this Giving Tuesday, we ask for your continued help – your financial help – to pay for the ongoing care that Misha needs and that our insurance company, Aetna, does not provide. We truly appreciate your support. To give, please visit our GoFundMe site, or contact me for a direct mailing address. Thank you!